Bring the Power of M3D Technology to Your Turf

Harvested from nature’s richest soils, GenNext’s M3D Exoenzymes allow your course to take on the attributes of the
world’s most resilient natural grasses.

M3D™ Technology
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M3D Technology

The Best of Both Worlds: Synthetic Performance With Organic Delivery
By providing a stabilized, non-animated form of the resilience-boosting microbes found in natural grasses, GenNext products essentially bypass the organic digestion process—while providing an instant organic catalyst.

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Gennext A&B

It starts with a two-part formula that includes a blend of liquid fertilizer and humic acid. Kicking it into high gear are our proprietary M3D™ Exoenzymes, proven to boost plant health, nutrient uptake, stress tolerance and so much more.

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GenNext C&D

Our GenNext C&D formulas are almost identical to GenNext A&B—without the NPK. They are designed to be an additive to your current fertilizer regimens and to process excessive nitrogen in recycled-water irrigation programs.

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