M3D™ Technology

The Best of Nature – Down to a Science

Harvested from nature’s richest soils

GenNext M3D™ Exoenzymes allow your course to take on the attributes of the world’s most resilient natural grasses.

GenNext M3D™ Technology stimulates the vital reactions that support healthy, robust soil environments. By replicating these reactions, and the valuable, plant-activating compounds they supply, GenNext products simulate their catalytic and digestive attributes.

We identify and extract more than 3,000 proteins, hormones, and enzymes – the good stuff – from select microbes found in natural prairie grasses, corn composts, and various turfgrass species. Each of these microbes has a specific function, whether to decompose dead matter to form organic material, to free “tied-up” nutrients from the soil and from dead matter, or to release agents to kill and prevent certain pathogens. No matter their role – these microbes and their exudates make up the core of our M3D™ Technology, possessing innate growth- and resilience-boosting characteristics.

Extracellular enzymes (exoenzymes) attach to minerals to form stable complexes. Our complexes, also known as M3D™ Exoenzymes, serve as a biological engine stimulating your existing soil biology. Fueled with our carbon source – a soluble, pressure-treated blend of humic and fulvic acids – M3D™ Exoenzymes jumpstart soil productivity, delivering the essential nutrients for optimization through our flagship liquid carriers.

By providing a stabilized, non-animated form of the resilience-boosting microbes found in natural grasses, GenNext products essentially bypass the natural digestion process – while providing an instant bio-catalyst. In other words, they give users the best of both worlds: synthetic performance with superior delivery.

Using GenNext M3D™ Technology on a continual basis, in conjunction with a balanced fertility program, will trigger a plant’s built-in defense system against abiotic and biotic stress. Soil biology will improve as M3D™ Technology encourages a diverse soil food web of beneficial bacteria and fungi, promoting optimal plant health and soil respiration.

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