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Better By Nature

GenNext Accelerate AM is a unique combination of humic/fulvic acids and M3D™ Exoenzymes, proven to help growers improve the performance of their current agronomic programs.

Accelerate AM stimulates your soil’s existing microbial populations, increasing nutrient efficiency, promoting root growth, and encouraging arbuscular mycorrhizae colonization.

Accelerate AM also improves the availability of nutrients from the soil for plant uptake and utilization, advancing your crop’s yield potential.

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Accelerate AM

Product Benefits:

- Promotes optimal soil and plant health

- Enhances the uptake of nutrients, improving fertilizer efficiency

- Improves soil biology, promoting a diversified soil food web

- Triggers resistance to stress from abiotic and biotic factors

- Solubilizes existing phosphorus with ammonia uptake naturally

- Develops a balance between plant growth and soil respiration
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