GenNext A&B

Seeing Is Believing

Nature Did All The Heavy Lifting

GenNext A&B is a two-part formula including a blend of humic acid, urea triazone and potassium nitrate. Far more than just a fertilizer, GenNext A&B feature M3D™ Technology, proven to bolster soil microbial activity and improve plant stress tolerance. That means your turf will be prepared for the growing season’s harshest conditions.

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Product Benefits:

- Increased wear tolerance and faster healing

- Abundant rhizome, stolon and root development

- Increased turfgrass density

- Greater resilience to environmental extremes

- Reduced irrigation needs

- Surface mat and thatch reduction

- Fast color response
M3D™ Technology
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Directions for Use

Sample Programs

Apply GenNext A&B at 3–6 fl.oz./1,000 ft.² 7–14 days apart using a dilution rate of 110 gal./acre.

Tank mix with plant growth regulator of choice.

Tank mix with deficit nutritional elements based on soil testing.

Tank mix wetting agent of choice.

Fungicides and insecticides can be added based on overall chemical compatibilities. Jar test products to validate compatibilities.

Water-in that evening or based on instructions from chemicals being tank mixed with GenNext A&B.

Apply GenNext A&B at 10 fl.oz./1,000 ft.² 7 days prior to aeration using a dilution rate of 110 gal./acre.

Proceed with normal aeration methods and protocols.

Apply corrective fertility treatments to bring soil to balance.

Topdress greens, filling aeration holes with sand.

Apply GenNext A&B at 10 fl.oz./1000 ft.² 7 days after aeration to enhance recovery.

Water-in GenNext A&B immediately after application.

Apply GenNext A&B at 10 fl.oz./1,000 ft.² twice, 14 days apart, using a dilution rate of 110 gal./acre.

Prepare areas for seeding. Aerify or verticut as needed the week after the first application.

Seed two directions at a ¼″ depth with bentgrass of choice at 2 lbs./1,000 ft.²

Apply Gypsum at 10 lbs./1,000 ft.² to help flocculate soils.

Top dress lightly with a kiln-dried sand and roll area after application (do not drag in sand as it moves the seed).

Apply a starter fertilizer at the recommended rate.

Water-in granular immediately after application.